Latest Stable Release

NMock 2.0 is the latest release and has been rewritten to support a jMock style of expectation definition and verification. If you're using the .NET 2.0 framework, NMock2 supports use of generics in a few places to make life easier.

NMock 2.0 Release Candidate 2 (Recommended)

.NET Framework 1.1

.NET Framework 2.0

Older Releases

NMock 2.0 Release Candidate 1

.NET Framework 1.1

.NET Framework 2.0

NMock 1.x is no longer being actively maintained, but if you have a question you should still be able to get answers on the mailing list. Head over to the support page if you have a problem.

NMock 1.1



Source Code

Live Builds

We continuously build NMock using CruiseControl.NET. To see the current build status, check out the CCNet Live build page. To download a recent build, try the builds directory, but bear in mind that these are “bleeding edge” builds and not official releases.

Version Numbering

The NMock project follows strict rules that govern its use of version numbers. The version number of a release indicates how that release is compatible with previous and future releases.

Version numbers have the form major.minor.patch. The major version number identifies the API version. A release that changes the API in a way that breaks backwards compatibility will increment the major version number. The minor version number identifies the backwards compatible revision of the API. An API version that adds new elements to the API will have the same major version but will increment the minor version. The patch version number identifies revisions that do not change the API. A release that fixes bugs or refactors implementation details without changing the API will have the same minor and major versions as the previous release and increment the patch number.

A hypothetical example:

1.0.0 First release
1.0.1 Improves documentation
1.1.0 Adds new API elements
1.2.0 Adds new API elements, deprecates some API elements
1.2.1 Fixes bugs
2.0.0 Incompatible API changes, removes API elements deprecated by version 1.2.0.
2.1.0 Adds new API elements
etc. etc.

Release Candidates

Before a new major or minor release, NMock will make release candidate (RC) packages available so that users can test them against their own code. There will be one or more release candidates given the version major.minor.0.RCn, where the major and minor version numbers identify the upcoming release and RC1 identifies the first candidate release, RC2 the second, and so on.

A release candidate does not guarantee backward compatability with new API features introduced by any previous RC of the same upcoming version. A major version RC can change/remove API features introduced in a previous RC for the same major version; a minor version RC can change API features introduced by any previous RC of the same upcoming minor version but guarantees backward compatability with the previous minor version.

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